The Ceilidh Company are a well-established band with over 20 years in the business.

We play traditional music for traditional dancing.

We have invested in only the highest quality instruments and PA system which we have strived to obtain and maintain.

Our PA has many components which means that we can play in a small function room up to a 1000+ capacity function. For functions in much larger venues we hire a more powerful system.

We have performed across the globe, but now exclusively in Scotland. We record for broadcasts and commercial recordings

We are a 4-8 piece band depending on your requirements. The core of the band is accordion, fiddle, keyboards & drums, additionally we offer, a second accordion, guitar, banjo, bass, dance caller, and a full disco....additionally we offer a second accordion.


Neil has lead the band on accordion since it was formed over 20 years ago. He is a keen follower of all genres of traditional music, and he played with many bands before forming his own. He is responsible for the wide repertoire of traditional music we play.

He has toured widely, and has performed on the majority of Scotland’s 94 inhabited islands from Unst to Iona, and Arran to Inchmurrin.

He is also a dab hand at calling dances when the need arises.


Angie is the band fiddler. She has turned her hand to most aspects in traditional music accumulating many awards and prizes. She has been performing, recording and broadcasting since she was 14 years old, and has performed in every major venue in Scotland, and dozens of commercial recordings and broadcasts.

She now concentrates on private teaching and gigging with Ceilidh Company.

Angie manages the band’s diary and she will be your contact. 


Tom, a very accomplished accordion player, is also the bands keyboard player. He has been in great demand over the years to perform for Burn’s Clubs and St Andrew’s Federations for expats worldwide. He plays accordion, keyboard, and piano and regularly has found himself out 7 days a week, he now plays exclusively with Ceilidh Company.

Tom is a highly trained musician with a great west coast ear for Gaelic music, and has a great deal of input into all our arrangements. 


Starting his percussive career in a pipe band, Stevie has been a kit drummer for many years. His family are steeped in musical history and he is keeping the traditions alive today.

The only band member who has worked as a full-time musician, he is much sought after, but his loyalties lie with Ceilidh Company.

Stevie's will tailor his kit to take account of function and venue, from snare drum and hi-hat to the full drum kit.